Our Story


 Nicola Hutchinson, the driving creative force behind Hutch Cassidy, has established a brand that stands out for its vibrant, imaginative artwork and heartfelt mission.

From her vibrant studio in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, Nicola draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of our beautiful planet and her own whimsical imaginings of magnificent creatures. Through Hutch Cassidy, her mission is to infuse the everyday with splashes of joy, magic, and colour into the heart of her paper treasures.

Starting the business during a pivotal time in her life, while on maternity leave with her first son, Nicola took the leap to turn shared experiences between herself and her husband Simon particularly the tradition of creating hand painted cards for each other into a broader vision.

 The vibrant use of colour and imaginative designs set the cards apart, transforming each card from a simple piece of paper to magical scenes of wonder. The attention to detail not only in the artwork but in the stories and personalities of the wild characters imagined adds an extra layer of personal touch. It's like each card is not just a message, but also a gift of imagination, allowing the recipients to journey into a whimsical world crafted just for them.

 Today, Hutch Cassidy is more than just a business, the brand remains true to its roots-it's a testament to Nicola's vision of a world where the mundane is draped in the fantastical, where every note and card is a gateway to a brighter, more magical place.

 As a mother, artist and business owner, Nicola Hutchinson continues to dream of creating this enchanting world through her work —not just for her brand, but for the delight of her two children and customers alike, promising a legacy of creativity, wonder and vivid joy into the lives of those who come across her creations.

You can find our paper treasures in many wonderful independents, florists, galleries and major retailers around the globe.

“Making art for me is about happiness, I choose colours and subjects that make me smile, dreaming up characters I would love to meet whilst roaming our beautiful world” Nicola

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